2BHK and 3BHK Apartment Floors
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When buying a dream home, most people consider this question ‘2 BHK or 3 BHK – which one to purchase?’ It’s a complex problem, but don’t worry; we’ve got the answer. This blog will assist you in determining the right investment, with an alternative measure between the 2BHK and 3BHK apartment floors.

Making the right choice is crucial for your future and your family. Some aspects and variables determine your choice in the purchasing process for the independent floors you’ve always wanted. Let’s talk about the specifics.

Here are the tips upon which you can choose the best affordable plotting for your needs:

1. Budget for Your ‘Dream Home:

Budget is the main element that determines the most suitable house for the buyer. Research suggests that 3 BHK flats are less expensive than a 2 BHK flat, in regard to the ratio of the rooms as well as the amount. If you purchase through the RCNP Builders & Developers, you can find 3 BHK floors for sale at an affordable cost compared to the 2BHK floors in Karnal.

2. Family size:

Family size is one of the primary factors in determining the proper size of your floor. A 2BHK floor may not be the ideal option for families with more than five people.

Many opt for a 3BHK floor if there are three persons within the family and they have the right amount of money for the dream home. If your family comprises only two people, but visitors’ visits occur frequently, you’ll need additional space. If this is the case, select the appropriate one, i.e., 3 BHK houses.

3. Inflation:

If the inflation rate is high, then the construction or interest rates are also high. It is possible to see an increase in the price of properties. Therefore, it is crucial to decide within a shorter period. If inflation rates are relatively standard, you can opt for 3 BHK, and when the inflation rate is very high, then opt for a flat 2 BHK.

4. The amount of the loan:

The amount of your loan influences the selection of independent floors. If the amount of loan allowed is more significant than the reasonable interest rate, then opt for the 3BHK floor. However, if your loan is smaller and the interest is more, it’s not feasible for you and would be beyond your budget. In this instance, the 2 BHK floor is the most affordable and best alternative.

5. Property Location:

Before making any final decision, ensure you know where you would like to build your dream home. If you’re looking to buy a plot in Karnal and your budget allows you to buy it, you must buy one! If not, then you could find suitable properties in the 2BHK category. RCNP Builders & Developers offers a fantastic lifestyle regardless of what specifications you choose to go with.

6. The Buyer’s Nature and Satisfaction

If you’re a minimalist consumer, you need not boost your budget to be caught up in a rush to purchase the 3-bedroom independent floor. If a flat with a 2 bedroom can give you satisfaction, then you don’t need to push yourself. If you’re not a minimalist, choose not to go with the two-bedroom option since it won’t give you the satisfaction you would like.

You can now choose between two options when purchasing a house in Karnal. Get in touch with the sales team of RCNP Builders & Developers to buy the best 2BHK and 3BHK floors in Karnal at reasonable prices.



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